Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treating with Friends!

Pumpkins, costumes, and trick or treating! Oh my!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Denver Downs

Today we went on a field trip to Denver Downs Farm in Anderson, SC. We played on a giant trampoline, swung from a rope in a hay barn, climbed on bales of hay, went on a hay ride, played with giant checkers, picked out pumpkins, pet baby animals, and walked a few steps into the corn maze then tuned around and walked back out. The whole trip was great until the corn maze. This woman told us to walk in so far in a single file then turn around and come back out the same way we went in without touching any of the corn or getting off the path. I guess they lost a kid in there or something because the whole thing was strange. Anyway, the main reason we wanted to go on the field trip was to go into the corn maze and possibly get lost or at least try to find our way out the hard way. Needless to say, that was a total disappointment. I am sure if we would have went on our own it would not have been that way. Next time we will not go with a group. At least the boys had a great time!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Brandon's Latest Shenanigans

So here are the latest things our Brandon has been up to. First, Brandon likes to ride his bike all around the surrounding area. He has a few rules, namely three. One is to never cross the main highway 123. The second is to not go to the "rough" part of town. And the third is to not go past a certain spot in town because that would be too far from home. So last week Brandon proceeds to break two of the rules. First he crosses 123 with our dog! Then, the day he got his bike back, he goes to the "rough" section of town. I even had a woman pull up in my yard and asked me if I knew where my son was. She was very upset about him being there. So he had to go without his bike again. Also, we gave our dog away to someone who has been wanting her for a while now. She will be much safer and he is going to teach her how to hunt. Well, Brandon's latest is that he called someone and told them that he had a car at his grandfathers house that he wanted to sell. So this morning some men drive into my father-in-laws yard with a tow truck to pick up the car. Needless to say, my fil was not happy with Brandon about this and told him that he just better leave for a while. Never a dull moment around here! Adventure is out there!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Yellow Branch Falls

Friday we went to Yellow Branch Falls with Michelle and our friends, Kristie, Jacob, and Joey. The weather was perfect and the falls were beautiful. It was all fun and games until the boys found a yellow jacket nest as they were exploring the cave around the falls. Fortunately, no one was allergic and Kristie had some lavender oil with her that helped with the pain. Other than that one incident, it was a great day! One funny thing was the outhouse, which consists of a small building with a toilet which leads to a large whole in the ground, had a sign on the door that said the facility was closed due to government shut downs. So, the whole in the ground was closed. Fortunately for us, the door was conveniently left unlocked. I wish I had taken a picture!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our baby girl is 23!

Today my baby girl turns 23. Unbelievable! I could not believe it when I found out I was pregnant with her all those years ago. We were in the hospital with Brandon having seizures and I was sick as a dog. That was what made us wonder. I was never sick unless I was pregnant so we got the test and it was positive. It was a scary time for us because we didn't know what was wrong with Brandon or if the new baby would have the same problems. The whole time I was pregnant I wished for a boy. I didn't want to have a girl. But the whole time I knew she was a girl. Now 23 years later, I am sooo glad to have one girl in the bunch. She has been such a joy her whole life, except the year she was 16, but we won't talk about that! lol. Now I can honestly say that I love having a girl. We have had a lot of fun times together. Now we are very much friends as well as mother and daughter. I never knew how much enjoyment I would get out of a daughter. And having an adult daughter is even better. It is a good thing God gives us what we need, not always what we ask for. I am proud of the young woman Michelle has become. She is strong, fun, kind, honest, caring, loving, sarcastic, and very much her own person. It will be fun watching her raise her own family. Maybe she will have a girl just like herself! I love you Michelle and I am proud of having you for a daughter. Oh, and the pie is peanut butter, oreo pie. You can find it on pinterest.