Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010!

Christmas this year was awesome, exciting, fun, and exhausting! We were very busy the week before christmas baking, cooking, getting last minute items because one little boy asked santa for only one thing on Tuesday and that one thing wasn't in the pile! Friday morning until Sunday evening was jam packed. Four christmas' and Russ singing and Michelle and I helping feed the hungry on Christmas day. That was pretty cool. Waiting all day on christmas for the snow. It decided to make an appearance after dark. But it was still awesome to watch fall. The flakes were large and that is always fun to watch. By the morning, it was still falling and we had about and inch or so on the ground. So Michelle, myself, and the boys went out to play before we headed to Greenwood for christmas with the family. It was a beautiful trip because of the snow.

So Christmas 2010 has come to an end. It seems like it comes and goes faster each year. But still, all is good!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decorations and other things!

We have been busy with christmas things. We have had fun making decorations. I got the crystal decoration idea from Ordinary Life Magic, a blog I like to follow. She always has creative craft ideas and science projects that we like to do. The boys have had fun rearranging the nativity scene until Joseph lost his head. It was pretty tragic but nothing a little super glue could'nt fix.

This morning the boys went from being cowboys to elves to knights. They love dressing up in costumes and role playing. They like to have the whole outfit. They want a real elf costume now. Just the hat is not good enough. We have also been busy learning about Ninjas and Samarai's and their weapons. Lots of history involved! The best part is how an interest in one thing quickly leads to the knowledge of many things. We have also been playing lots of games. Cade's favorite right now is Trouble. He usually wins, maybe thats why it is his favorite.

We have been having lots of discussion around here about angels and the role they play. It has been most interesting to hear their views on the subject. They love the fact that they are warriors.

Well, I cannot think of anything else we have been up to except christmas shopping and wrapping presents and all the usual things that life brings up. Time with friends are always fun!

I hope everyone is enjoying their christmas season and not forgetting the real reason for the season! We are still trusting God to show us His plan and He is still being faithful to guide us daily and continues to draw us closer to Himself. If we would just remember to spend time with Him everyday, learning more and listening more, He is always eagerly ready to meet with us. He is more than capable of meeting our every need. All God wants from us is a true relationship with Him. Not just a few minutes of our time in a rushed prayer of our most urgent needs. If that is all we gave our spouse or children we would not have a good relationship with them at all and our home would not be very happy. God wants more of us than a few rushed minutes. Remember to give God your best and you will reap more than you could ever imagine in return!

Remember, adventure is out there!