Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Coming Back!

I have missed this blog! I have not accomplished what I hoped I would with the other blog so I am coming back here for all of our life adventures! I hope you will join us in this adventure called life! Now, an update on our adventures lately. May is the end of several things for us. First, it is the end of our school year. We will start the next school year on June 1st since we homeschool year round. You never know when a learning adventure will occur! We went to Atlanta for a soccer tournament. That was the end of our soccer season until August. We had an end of the season party on Sunday at Oconee State Park. The boys had a great time jumping off the high dive. We celebrated Russ' 50th birthday at Chau Ram Park. We have also enjoyed several things such as, smoked brisket, chicken, and turkey burgers cooked on his new grill that he got for his birthday. We have gone to the Chatooga River and High Falls Park with friends. The boys participated in an online science class on chemistry. They made glow in the dark slime among other things. Russ and I went to the Peace Center and saw Phantom of the Opera. The show was incredible. While we were eating in downtown Greenville, a Scottish parade went by. That was an unexpected surprise. This is just a taste of our adventures for May. Now on to enjoy the summer! Adventure is out there!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Isaac turns 12!

Unbelievable! Today Isaac turned 12. Why am I always saying how time flies? Because I think about it every day. Watching how quickly the boys are growing up is a constant reminder. I am amazed at how much Isaac has matured over the last year. He is still extremely sweet and has a great sense of humor and a great imagination. Isaac has improved 100 fold in soccer since last August. I am extremely proud of the young man he is becoming. Isaac is a joy to be around and I am blessed to be his mom.