Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beautiful Weather!

The weather has been beautiful this week. It is a very nice change of pace. We have been playing outside daily; basketball and frisbee with the dog. We went to park day and actually enjoyed sitting outside without freezing. We have been filling our days lately with friends, reading, games, science, computer games, basketball, and of course being outside. Isaac is playing 8 and under basketball and have won 3 tournament games so far. They played thursday night against a team they lost to in the season but beat them in the tournament. Hopefully they will win saturday at
11:00. If they win they play at 12:30 for the championship. Isaac has improved greatly this year. We are proud of him.

Last saturday we had 2 basketball games, Russ singing at the Seneca street ministry, and going to Della Ventura's for dinner for my mothers birthday party. We said goodbye to our good friends from Point to Hope ministries. Rose and Mary went home to Augusta, Ute went home to Ohio, and Nancy went home to Alaska. We have enjoyed our time in ministry with them and look forward to August when they will be back in the area. It was a very good and busy day.

Valentine's Day was Russ and my 24th wedding anniversary. We celebrated on Sunday just hanging out together. We went for a drive in the afternoon and found a beautiful river at the end of a very long road. It was a perfect day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chemistry and Basketball!

We had a great time last thursday with friends mixing chemicals! How could you not have fun mixing chemicals. Six boys, 3 moms, and about 12 household chemicals. We all had a ball experiencing the reactions of different things. The biggest hit was the cabbage juice indicator that you put in the different concoctions to see which colors they changed to.

Isaac and Cade have really enjoyed basketball this year. They both have improved a lot since the season started.