Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blink! And Summer is Gone

I am totally not ready for summer to be over. I had plans to do fun things this summer that we never got around to. But all was not lost. We did fun stuff. We spent time with friends. We went camping once. We celebrated Isaac and Cade's birthdays. We saw the fireworks on Fourth of July. And we spent a week at the beach soaking up the sun. We went to the river and a waterfall. We swam in our pool and the boys played soccer. We had a successful garden that kept us busy. We enjoyed the long days, warm evenings, the flowers, birds, and butterflies. I started an essential oil business even though I wasn't planning to. It just happened and I am glad that it did. I am really enjoying using and selling the oils. I also make products such as homemade bug spray and facial oil. If only summer could last like 6 months out of the year and winter 0 months, life would be great! Adventure is out there!