Friday, March 29, 2013

One thing that I really love about our homeschooling style is we take full advantage of things the boys are interested in. Tuesday while I was getting out of the shower I heard the boys talking in my bed about negative numbers and multiplication. Cade said that he didn't know what multiplication was so we have spent the entire week working on multiplication. I didn't even have to ask. Every morning they are both at the table waiting for more problems to solve. I love watching connections being made in their minds and the puzzle start coming together. I also love watching them "get" something that they didn't understand previously. It is a very satisfying experience for me and them. I also love a day that feels like you accomplished something. We worked in the yard all day today and got a lot of yard work done. Both boys worked for hours knowing they would get paid for helping. Cade is saving money for a grappling hook. I didn't even know what that was until they were making them out of their nerf guns this week. They teach me things all the time also! While we were digging up an old stump today we ran across a little snake. Isaac went inside to get the guide book and it seems we found a small earth snake. Poor thing was woken up early from hibernation. More learning taking place when we thought it was just a work day. I guess you cannot get away from learning!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our days!

It is hard to believe that it is the end of March. What happened to February and March? It is all a blur! So the question is, what have we been doing? Well, let's see, I have been working some so the boys have spent time with friends. Isaac has been reading comic books lately and anything else he sees lying around and his reading has really improved a lot this year. Cade is reading more simple books but his reading has improved as well. Their newest passion is mining. They have digging equipment and have dug holes all over the yard. We have confined the digging to the woods so no one breaks an ankle. I am sure this will lead to all kinds of learning about rocks which will lead to what the earth is made of and I am sure we will get into earthquakes and volcanoes and who knows what else! That is the way we learn around here. Just yesterday I overheard the boys talking about numbers and negative numbers and multiplying. Cade didn't understand the concept behind multiplication so I showed him on paper and we used beans and word problems to help him figure it out. They spent the next hour doing multiplication. Russ called during the process and Cade answered the phone. He asked Cade what he was doing and Cade told him nothing. I got on the phone and told Russ about the multiplication lesson. They have no idea the amount of learning that takes place because it is done in such a way that is natural and fun. I really cannot remember all the things they have learned or have been doing. Cade is writing a song and has been playing around with drum sticks. He wants to learn how to play the drums. They play computer games and video games daily. We have been noticing the signs of spring and all the new birds around the feeder. Now for it to warm up so we can spend some more time outside and start a garden! Well I guess that is it for now. Cade wants help with his song. Adventure is out there!


Last night our family celebrated Passover. We had read about Passover in the Bible as well as other books on the subject. We got a children's book from the library so we could do the Seder in a way that would be fun and educational for the boys. It was all that and then some. We had already been reading in Exodus leading up to the Passover so the boys were real interested and engaging during the Seder. We had horseradish for the bitter herbs and parsley to dip in salt water for the tears. We had the apple and honey mixture for the bricks and mortar. It was actually apples, grapes, pecans, honey and cinnamon. It was delicious. I could not find matzah bread at the grocery store and I did not have time to make any so unfortunately, we used crackers in it's place. I was really surprised when Isaac tasted all of the things on the table. After our meal the boys danced while listening to Jewish music. It was a very inspirational evening. I would encourage every Christian to participate in the Feasts of God throughout the year with your family. It is an awesome way to teach yourself and your children the many aspects and character of God.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Sometimes you just have to give in to your cravings!