Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hard Workers!

We had a great productive day today. Russ and I worked in the yard. We burned lots of sticks and vines. Russ pulled lots and lots of dead vines out of the trees in the back yard, then we burned them. It looks much better. The great part was how Isaac and Cade helped without being asked. They came outside at different times but while they were out there, they really worked hard. I like to see my boys helping. They just want to be where we are and do what we are doing. That is all the more reason we have to watch what we do and say because they will do what they see and hear!

We also started a new cause on facebook. It is the "Help Feed and Shelter the Homeless in America" cause. It links to the Voice of Thunder website. There is a link to that site on the side of my blog. We had a productive day for the ministry as well.

Overall, it has been a great day!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Over!

Well, Christmas is over. A lot of people say that they are glad. I think that is sad. I like Christmas and time spent with family. We do not spend enough time just talking and hanging out. Maybe next year we can plan to spend just a little more time just hanging out and a little less time being busy. Next year is definitely a year of change and I am looking forward to what the new year will bring.

Adam, at church, challenged us to start the Daniel Fast on January 3rd. He has been doing it for 7 years now. He said it has really changed his life. We are going to do it here. No meat, bread, coffee, tea, sugar, etc. Mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans. It will be interesting but I am expecting BIG things from God in the next few months and this is my way of sacrificing something in return. Spending 3 weeks concentrating on God instead of food. Sometimes we have to fast and pray when we want to see radical change in our life and this is exactly what Russ and I are praying for, radical change! I will keep you posted as things start to develop.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Well, today is Christmas Eve. A day of anticipation. The children have been in anticipation for a while and their activity level has been proof of that. We always anticipate a great Christmas with family. We will visit Russ' mother this morning and his father this evening. Tomorrow we will have Christmas morning at home enjoying all the goodies Santa will bring tonight, then dinner at my sister and Russ' brothers house. Yes, sisters married brothers. Then saturday we will venture 2 hours south to my parents for Christmas with my family. Very busy and very fun. We always enjoy our Christmas with our family's. We are very blessed!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just the Beginning

Well, let me first start by introducing myself. I am Diane Marcengill. I am married to the christian singer "Russell Dean". We have 4 children: Brandon 22, Michelle 19, Isaac 7, and Cade 4. They keep life fun and interesting all the time. I will post more about them with pictures as soon as I learn how and I have a little more time.

We have always homeschooled/unschooled our children. That is a learning process in itself. I have learned way more since I graduated and started introducing the world to the children than I ever did in school. Who knew history, science, and reading could be so fun! We believe in a natural approach to life and I believe learning is as natural as breathing. If children are raised in a home where interesting things are around and are happening, they will be curious and will learn. We have witnessed it over and over. Children are naturally curious and they want to do whatever you are doing so the best way we can teach is by example. Always be curious and interested and they will be as well.

Our newest adventure is that we are selling our home and most of our belongings and we are moving into an RV and we will be traveling full time with the ministry. We are not sure exactly when or where will be the first destination. We are leaving the details up to God. We are just trying to be obedient. We are all excited about this next chapter in our life. I will keep you updated as things start to develop.

This past weekend was incredible. We had the opportunity to go to Shelby, NC in the ice and snow. Russ had to sing at Landmark Baptist Church sunday morning and night. We had a great time playing in the ice with a little snow mixed in. The christmas service was a great blessing. Pastor Allen and his wife, Elaine, were very gracious hosts. We look forward to visiting them again some time next year.

I will try to keep pictures and activities posted on a regular basis but anyone who knows me well will know it will probably be sporadic. Thanks for reading this long post!