Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today was the first sunny day since I can remember! It just seems like it has been a long time. We have totally enjoyed it. We played in the back yard some, then we went to Yellow Branch. We didn't hike all the way because we had small ones with us but we walked until we got to Sherwood Forest. That is what I call it cuz that is what it reminds me of. We went there today because one, it was such a gorgeous day, and two, because we could, and three, because we are looking for tree branches that we can use to make bows and arrows. The boys started a club a few weeks ago and we are studying the Cherokee Indians right now. We are going to find all the materials and make our own bows and arrows. Sounds like a fun boy thing to do. Yesterday we were at the grocery store and Isaac found a coconut. He made sure it had liquid in it. We brought it home and poked a hole in it. He drank the water with a straw. He didn't like it plain so I added stevia and then he drank it. Cade didn't like it at all. Then Russ sawed it in half. Today we got all the meat out. Now Isaac wants to use it for a bowl and cup. Amazing how much joy something like a coconut can bring. Now go out and buy your kids a coconut! You might just find out you enjoy the process as much as they do. Go online and find out how to poke a hole in it and how to hit it just right to break it open. I wish I had watched the video yesterday. Oh well, live and learn!

Russ and I went to Augusta last week for ministry with Point to Hope. It was very enlightening! We are going to Alaska in April with Point to Hope. That is going to be amazing. The flying itself will be an adventure! 15 hours on a plane with Isaac and Cade. While we were gone, Cade made his first basketball goal in a game. He was very proud of himself! We were proud of him also. I just hate I missed it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How can so much time pass between my posts? I think God has sped up time. Even my 6 year old made a comment about how fast time seems to go by. When I was a child, time crawled by. Anywhooo, December came and went in a flash! We celebrated Christmas and Hanakkah this year and had a great time with both. No, we are not Jewish but we wanted to learn about Hanakkah and all of God's festivals so we are going to learn about them as they come up. It was very fun, educational, and enlightening. When December started, we knew nothing about Hanakkah. Then we started reading and researching and found out all kinds of awesome things! The whole holiday is a celebration of God's deliverance. About the Maccabee's and how God delivered them thousands of years ago after one man, a priest named Mattathias, decided he had had enough of the Greek's telling him to worship their god and to sacrifice a pig on God's alter and eat the meat. He killed the soldiers that came to make them do that then fled for his life. Most of the village followed him and the rest is Maccabee history! We read stories, ate latkes, and played with dreidels. It was a great December!