Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raining Again!

We have had a great week despite the rain yesterday and today. It is supposed to rain again on Friday and maybe Saturday. I will be glad when it dries up.

Isaac decided he wanted to have a custume party on monday because he heard Michelle talking about one for one of her friends. So we have planned a recycle and reuse party. We have invited 4 other homeschool families to join us. Everyone is to wear a homemade costume and bring recycled material from thier homes. Anything from cardboard, plastic, fabric, string, wood, etc. We will divide the kids up into 2 teams and they have to make something using the material. We will give out prizes for costumes and creations. Isaac and Cade got the recycle box out yesterday and were already trying to make robots and other things. Cade wanted me to tape 16 oz. water bottles to his head for eyes. I did it today. He would not let me take a picture though. It was really funny. I think the kids will have a great time. I will be sure to take lots of pictures.

Tuesday the weather was about 70 so the boys and I and some friends of ours went to Chau Ram park. The boys got in the river. Cade took off everything except his jeans and he was trying to swim around. They had the best time looking for treasure and skipping rocks. The river at one spot looked like a whales spout it was rushing so hard. It is nice to see the rivers and lakes full again after they almost dried up.

Overall we have had a great week planning our party and being outside the first part of the week!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It has snowed most of the day today. The big wet flakes. We only got about 2 inches from it though. I really do not mind. I hope this is the last cold weather this year. I am more than ready for spring as I know a lot of people are. We played outside for a short time but it was cold and we got very wet!

Michelle painted her room saturday a real pretty pink. She put her matress on the floor. It looks great. She rearranged things and cleaned up the walls. It looks like a 19 year old girl room. I can't believe she is that old!

Overall it was a great day!