Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Productive Days!

We had a great and productive day today! I love days like that. We thought it was going to rain but it didn't. We ran a few errands and while we were out we went to some thrift stores. Isaac got a word search book for free and Cade got a Sorry Sliders game for $2 and all the pieces are there. Then it was off to this great ice cream parlor that sells all homemade ice cream. Once we got home, we put the chicks in a bigger box. They outgrew the one we started them in. It is amazing how fast they grow. I cleaned the house including the boys room. It was way overdue. We took the chicks outside for a while. They love to peck around in the dirt. We played Cade's new game several times today. We did many more things today that I cannot remember or just too trivial to talk about but it has been a very satisfying and fun day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Great time at church and with family!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dying Eggs

Today has been all about baby chicks, dying eggs, and of course baseball. It was a busy yet good day! Some friends came over to see the baby chicks and they brought us a praying mantis egg sac. They ordered a kit and it came with 3 egg sacs. There are anywhere from 150 to 300 praying mantis in each sac. I am unsure if I want that many living in my yard. I think I will put them in the garden. They are great for eating harmful bugs. Anyway, looking forward to another adventurous day tomorrow!

Remember, adventure is out there!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Catupults and Gardening and Baby Chicks

Yesterday we made catapults. The boys had a great time letting different things fly through the air. Fortunately, they did not fly far! One time, Cade turned the catapult towards himself and shot himself in the face. He decided real quick that that wasn't very smart:)

We planted corn, lettuce, broccolli, and carrots in the garden yesterday. We planted pepper and tomato plants on saturday. I have several more things I want to plant but I am waiting for Russ to finish the boxes that I am planting in. I am hoping that the weeds won't be as bad in planter boxes. Isaac wants to plant large pumpkins so we have a spot on the ground for that. Russ bought a tiller for $100.00. It has been working great! A great investment:) We are really enjoying the garden so far. But the weeding hasn't started yet. lol. We have been looking forward to this garden since last season. We are still enjoying corn, squash, pickles and bell peppers from last years garden. I haven't bought a bell pepper, corn, or squash, in 2 years.

Today we bought some baby chicks. They are adorable. Cade really likes them. The 2 yellow ones are his. He named them Fred and Bowser. The cat was really interested in them also. We just pray they live!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank God it's Spring!

Have I mentioned how glad I am that it is spring? I love the warmer days and getting to go outside whenever we want and not when the weather decides. We have been doing yard work, playing baseball, and planning a garden. We have some eggs in an incubator that we are hoping will hatch in a few weeks. We also plan on getting some baby chicks soon. But not before Russ has time to build a chicken coop. We are all excited about having chickens. We had a wonderful day today at Chau Ram Park. We went letterboxing with Kristie and her boys. We found 2 boxes. That was good because they were the only 2 we looked for. The rest of the time we just walked up the trail until we got to an interesting intersection and we chose to go back the way we came because none of the trails were marked and we did not feel like getting lost with 4 small boys!

We have been filling our days with baseball, reading, science, board games, video games, computer games, National Geographics, google earth (Cade's new favorite), bible stories, playing and working outside, and did I mention baseball? With 2 boys on 2 different teams we have been pretty busy with that lately, but it is all good!
Yes, life is definitely good!