Monday, August 13, 2012

Cade's Party

Cade's birthday was last week but most of his friends were sick so we postponed his party until today. I think everyone had a great time. Let's see. There was football, trampoline jumping, swimming, nerf fighting, presents, pinata smashing, and cake! Yeah, that's about all. Thanks to all his friends for making his party extra special!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Cade!

Today my baby boy turns 7. Unbelievable! Some things about Cade: extremely passionate about life, loves his family, has more life and enthusiasm and energy in his little body than most people get to experience in their lifetime! Cade loves music, sports (mostly baseball and basketball), guns, swimming, tubing, legos, and playing with his friends. Raising Cade is pushing Russ and I to our limits and causing us to use our imagination to keep up with him and sometimes try to reel him in a little. What we do not want to do is to squash his zest for life. Anything that boy puts his mind to he will accomplish. The sky is the limit for his potential. Now to just keep him alive and healthy and his energies pointed in a positive direction! lol These are pictures of Cade's special day and his new room.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Water Slide!

Michelle and Kyle have moved to an amazing place called the Potters Place. They help maintain the cabins and grounds. It is a retreat for people in ministry. It is a peaceful place to get alone with the Father. They also have this awesome water slide that goes down this big hill. As soon as the boys got over the chicken pox we went for a visit. The boys had a great time playing on the slide. But I think the big kids had more fun than the little ones did!