Sunday, July 15, 2012

Science experiments gone awry!

So, we have attempted two science experiments in the last week that was a bust. The first one I found on pinterest. You were supposed to take some mountain dew (about 1/4 of the bottle), a dash of baking soda, and 3 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide and shake it up. Then it was supposed to glow in the dark like a glow stick. It didn't glow at all. Most disappointing:( The next one we tried I found in a cool book the boys have with all kinds of interesting facts and things to do. Anywhoo, you take 2 raw eggs and put one in a glass of water and the other in a glass of vinegar. Then you wait several hours. Finally, you drop them both on the ground and the one soaked in vinegar was supposed to bounce. Well you can see from the picture that it was a total bust. Maybe it was because we used plastic glasses instead of glass? We will have to test that theory tomorrow! I almost forgot about Isaac's rocket getting stuck in a tree the first launch! Adventure is out there!

Friday, July 13, 2012

After the storm!

These are pictures around our house after a storm. I love summertime! Isaac and Cade asked if they could do math worksheets today. They both did 3 pages. Cade would have done more but I told him he would have to wait until tomorrow. He said, "can we do these everyday?" They wanted me to grade them and they would only except an A so they fixed any problems they got wrong. Then they wanted to know what else they could do to get graded on. So we did some spelling and writing. I love homeschooling! Isaac has the chicken pox so we have been staying home all week. Fortunately, he is feeling better today. Cade is still showing no signs of getting them. It would be just like him to be immuned! Maybe staying home is the reason they wanted to do math and spelling? To them it is all fun! Adventure is out there!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun Weekend

Saturday we went to the Bass Pro Shop in Atlanta. If you have never been, I highly recommend it. The place was crowded but we enjoyed looking around anyway. The boys wanted to climb on the climbing wall but they were only wearing flip flops and you had to have on sneakers or boots. We checked out the beebee guns and both boys found one they liked. Cade wants one for his birthday. He is counting down the days. 28 days from today. Every morning he lets me know how many more days till he turns 7. He is very excited about turning another year older. He does this every year. Last year he started the countdown from day 70. I doubt he will be this excited about his birthday when he gets my age! I will let him have his fun while he can. We also went to the Lego store and Gamestop while in Discovery Mills. On the way home, we stopped at Dairy Queen. Cade really enjoyed his ice cream.
Sunday we launched Isaac and Cade's rockets. Isaac's went extremely high and on his first launch we lost his in a tree. Cade got to launch his 3 times. The last time we used one of Isaac's engines and Cade's went almost as high as Isaac's. Now we have to get Isaac another rocket! We all had a blast with this project!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Russ brought home this beauty yesterday. Still not sure what kind of moth it is because there are thousands of different varieties! But it was fun to look at. We set him free last night and haven't seen him since.