Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Times!

We have had a busy but fun past few weeks. The boys worked hard making boats out of legos. They had to keep adjusting things so they would float better. We have played games, read books, worked on cub scout stuff, and went letterboxing at Chau Ram. On wednesday, we went to Music in the Park in Clemson. The boys seemed to enjoy the music and playing in the fountain. While the boys were playing on the sidewalk a large black snake came slithering right in front of them on the sidewalk and went into the woods. We've had friends over, gone to a friends home, went to cub scouts, park day, and church.

Adventure is out there!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

End of Summer!

I cannot believe summer is over. I hear alot of people say how much they are looking forward to cooler weather and the fall season but I hate to see summer go. I like summertime! Carefree days, slower pace, lol, swimming, not having to worry about jackets and shoes everytime you want to walk out the door, etc... But I do like fall and spring. Mostly, I just do not like winter. I do not like to be cold or stuck in the house. But that is not something I have to be worrying about right now.

We have been up to birthday party's, reading, playing games outside, lots of ministry with Point to Hope Ministries, Apple Festival, and many other things that I cannot remember right now. Maybe if I would post more I could remember all the things we do. We started cub scouts back in august. Well, I will try to be more dilligent with posting. As long as my computer doesn't fail me!

I have an update on our chickens. We started with 6 pullets supposedly. One of the hens was killed by Moose, and another one turned out to be a rooster. A very large, beautiful rooster. I did not want a rooster because when I was a child, I was attacked by one and have been afraid of them eversince. Well, this one seemed nice enough so I was going to keep him. That is until last sunday when I went into the back yard to get them some fresh water and the thing comes after me. Fortunalely, I was holding the water hose at the time (it was not turned on yet), and I hit him with it 3 times with it before he backed off and I was able to go inside. Needless to say, he is no longer in our yard. Kyle and Michelle came over and took him away and I haven't seen him since. So now we are down to 4 hens and they each lay an egg a day. That is what I wanted in the first place! Just eggs.