Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally Blogging Again!

Sorry about the long time off but I have either been real busy or not in the mood to write. We have been busy though. Also, I am unable to download my pictures and videos at this time. I do not know why. As soon as I figure it out I will put some on here.

The recycle party was a big hit. All the kids came dressed up. The best one was an old fashioned radio made out of a cardboard box. We broke the kids up into 2 teams and they got to pick whatever recycled materials they wanted to use and then make something out of it. One team made a city complete with skyscrapers, cars in parking lots, and a water tower. The other team made a boat dock a boats. Both teams worked really hard and did an excellent job. It was awesome watching them use thier imaginations and work together as a team.

The other things we have been up to is:
Letterboxing at Yellow Branch Falls.
Hiking to Yellow Branch Falls.
Playing in the river at Chau Ram Park.
A field trip to the nuclear plant for Earth Day.
Baseball! Lots and lots of baseball!

Well, off for more adventures! As soon as I can, I will add pictures and videos.