Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summertime Fun!

These are pictures of Station Cove Falls. We went there because it is a short hike and you can get in the water right beside the falls. The biggest adventure of the day was the Timber Rattlesnake lying right in the path. We had to go around it through the woods. Noone wanted to take the chance of walking right beside it. We went with our friends Kristie, Jacob, and Joey. We also ran into a homeschooling family we knew a long time ago. They had 2 foreign exchange students with them. They seemed to really enjoy themselves also. Overall, it was a very good day!

Things we have been up to lately: swimming, trying to stay cool, lots of games, started learning some spanish words, reading, National Geographic for kids, drawing, and Cade has been planning his birthday party.

Cade wants a laptop for his birthday. He found one on the internet. He told me that he wanted me to give him a $100 bill for his b-day and he wants Russ to give him 5 $20 bills for his b-day. I tried explain to him that me and his daddy get him something together but all he can think about is that he needs $200 and then some. He also has been counting down the days til his b-day from 74 days. The kid is a mess! We shall see how this all plays out in 9 more days!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fort Worth, Texas

Four days of drive time and four days in Fort Worth should qualify one as crazy, and some might say that we are. I will not deny that fact. But sometimes God calls you to do something crazy and that is exactly what happened. We were called to go to a seminar in Fort Worth, Texas for a divine appointment with the Creator. We believe that God was testing our obedience and trust in Him. We do not always do what we feel is the right path for us but we both had a very strong pulling for this conference. God definitely spoke while we were there. He is calling us higher. God wants more of us. Not just more, but all. He wants our best, not the leftovers. He calls for the firstfruits, the best we have to offer. God wants us to live a holy life because He is Holy. God is up to something big and He wants to use us in His plan but we have to be willing, ready, waiting, anticipating, studying, and praying. Not playing games or playing church. He is not just calling us, He is calling many christians right now. He has big plans for the near future but He needs workers. Who is willing? Who is ready? We want to be the one. Lord send us!