Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cade is 9!

My youngest turned 9 yesterday. It is funny how you have good and sad feelings. We all want our children to grow and mature but it seems like it happens so fast. They are only small for a little while and then they are teenagers, then they are gone. They have turned into adults. We all know the process but that doesn't make it easier. I love the relationship that I have with my adult daughter. We are very close. I hope it will be the same with Isaac and Cade. His birthday was everything he wanted it to be with the exception of a camp out. We decided to wait for Saturday for that. He got a drum set for his birthday. He has been asking for them for a while so we finally relented. He loves music and wants to play several instruments. He goes in the music room and plays with either the guitar, keyboard, or now drums every day. Cade is our little fireball. He is extremely passionate and loving. Everything he does is to the extreme. But we do not look at that in a negative way. This attitude will get him far in life because he works at something until he gets it. He doesn't back down from a challenge. And he doesn't let anything stand in his way when he wants something.