Sunday, March 1, 2015

Just Rambling

Wow! I haven't posted since November. Seems like a long time. We have been busy here as usual. We had six weeks off from soccer during the holidays and that was nice. We did all of the holiday things, time with family, presents, etc. We have endured a cold wet winter. The weather hasn't been great around here. We finally got some snow this week. Most soccer practices and games have been cancelled. I am so ready for spring! Hopefully it will come now that our one snow for the year has arrived. We have enjoyed a few hikes this year including Table Rock, three times since November. Russ and I spent last weekend in Bryson City. It snowed and we went to two waterfalls that were mostly frozen. It was very beautiful. We had a very relaxing weekend! Just what we needed. We have been in a learning lull since the first of the year. I think it is because of the gray, cold days. We haven't been very inspired. I started a new business centered around health that I am really excited about. I thought about creating a health blog but not sure I want to put the time into it that it would need. Maybe in the future. I am tired of waiting around for stuff to happen. I am ready to get on with life and living. I want to pursue healthy living for my family and I would love to help others along the way. I also want to travel. I am 46 years old and I just got my first passport. Now I need somewhere to go:) Maybe we can use it next winter to get out of the cold! Sounds like a good plan. Other things we have been into: we celebrated my Mom's and Russ' Aunt's birthdays, we have played in the snow, we are working ever so slowly to learn Spanish, anytime the weather is slightly warmish we try to go on a hike or at least to a park to play with friends, and we have watched Russ perform several times with bands and at church. It is nice to see him singing again :)Did I mention I am ready for spring, along with everyone else in the country!