Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome to a New Year! 2017

I have been trying to decide how to write this post. 2016 was quite the year. Many ups and downs. We started the year off with high hopes like every year. In some ways, we have been extremely blessed. In other ways, we have been extremely tested. More so than ever before in our life.

Last winter, we stopped working as diligently with Russ' cancer protocol. We stopped a few of the protocols and became too lenient on his diet. He was feeling good so we got complacent. But as anyone with cancer knows, you do not have the luxury of complacency. You must remain completely diligent. So things started to change for the worse. By the summer, Russ started having pain and started taking excedrin to manage it. We went to a one day clinic in Mexico in August and came home with lots of supplements. They informed us that it is a slow working formula but effective. They believed that Russ had the time since he was in great health. It wasn't enough. The pain continued to increase. By November, things got critical and we made some decisions. We looked at our options and decided to go to a different clinic in Mexico. This is called Hope 4 Cancer. You stay for three weeks and then they send you home with a home program that you stay on for one year. It is very expensive but we really felt like this was the way to go. We just had to come up with the money. Well, we went ahead and made an appointment to go January 2nd. Believing that the money would be there when we needed it. Finally, last Thursday, we received the money. So we are most hopeful that this is the answer that we have been praying for. We believe we have been given a second chance to beat this cancer and grow as individuals like never before. Russ and I will be in Mexico for three weeks. We have never been away from the kids this long and everyone is a little nervous. But we have great family and friends that are helping with the boys and I believe everyone will grow as a result of this journey. I will have time to study and decide what this new year will be like for us. We do not know exactly what the end result will be but that doesn't mean you do not set goals and dream and desire to grow in all areas of our life.

I started really working my business this summer and it has paid off. I have moved up two levels and have some great customers. I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store. I am excited about my One Simple Change Facebook group and will be posting regularly once I get settled in Mexico. I have taken the last two months off to focus on Russ and my family but am eager to start moving forward in helping people change their lives by changing their health. My passion in life is my family and helping people improve their health. I believe prevention is far better than fighting a disease. No one is completely immune but there are things we can do to prevent sickness and disease. I wish we would have been more diligent about prevention before Russ got cancer!

I want to end this post with how very grateful I am for the kindness of people. I know there are bad things that go on every day all over the world. But I believe that deep down, people are more good than bad. More generous than selfish. More kind than jerks. We have been blessed beyond measure from people we know and don't know since people have found out about Russ the last two months. The money, prayers, good vibes, and support have been incredible.

My prayer for you is that you find 2017 to be the year that you put aside petty differences, don't waist your time on things that don't matter in the grand scheme of things. Put your attention on your family, goals, dreams, and desires. Focus on the things you do want and not the things you don't want. I hope for a great and prosperous 2017 for myself and for you. Here's to health, healing, and dreams fulfilled!

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